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Donna Barlow, LM, AAHCC


Donna’s private practice offers a full range of services including:

Nutritional counseling and fertility awareness
Complete care during pregnancy, including check-ups, lab work, nutrition and exercise advice, etc.
Care of mother and baby after birth, including complete newborn exam, breastfeeding help and home visits in the days following the birth.
Well-woman check-ups
Care of the healthy non-pregnant woman
Home Birth Deliveries
Birth in the privacy and comfort of your own home
Birth Center Deliveries
Birth in a home-like setting away from home, in a free-standing birth center located near a hospital
Water Births
Labor and or birth in your own tub or in the jacuzzi tub at the birth center
Childbirth Classes
Donna teaches an 8-week course in natural childbirth. She is AAHCC (American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth) certified.
Labor Coaching
Donna will attend your hospital birth as a labor assistant and provide professional support and care.
Breastfeeding Support
Home visits following your birth to assist with breasfeeding technique, weighing baby, and help with all apsects of breastfeeding.
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