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Donna Barlow, LM, AAHCC


"There is nothing like having a home birth. Being able to relax in my own surroundings was so wonderful. It was an amazing, fabulous experience. I loved having Donna as my midwife too. She is so caring and always took the time to listen to me and address my concerns. She made me feel special!" -
"I loved my birth center birth! It was the highlight of my married life. Peter was a wonderful coach...I fell in love with him all over again. Donna was a real God-send. She was a wonderful midwife and with her skills she helped me avoid a C-Section." - Veronique
"The classes exceeded our expectations. We learned so much about natural childbirth! It changed our view about childbirth dramatically."
"The classes were very informative. I feel prepared for everything and ready for childbirth. They focused on the coach's role too, which is so important and often forgotten in other classes."
"We liked the class very well. Going into the class we didn't know much about what to expect with labor and delivery. This class gave us a comfort level and better understanding of all that's involved. We feel more confident now."
"Having Donna at our birth for labor support was one of the best choices my husband and I made. She helped me have one of the most memorable experiences of my life by encouraging, comforting, and giving me confidence during my VBAC."
"Thank you for the superb care you've given us....We think you're the best! Our homebirth was so great, thanks to you." -Julie
"Sometime down the road, I hope to be able to use you again.....You were SOOO amazing. I just loved the whole birth experience....Thanks for all of your help during the birth! I just loved working with you!" -Kim
"My homebirth experience was the best ever!" -Kathy
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